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Welcome to the Marauders Guild Page.

Marauders is a Guild in the Forsaken World F2P MMOrpg on the Lionheart server. It is not a huge guild, but we get our strength out of staying small, having good communication and teamwork and just like to have fun more then we become the most powerful guild on the server. We do not like slackers, mopers and drama queens.

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Guild News

Changing some things

SkidsMarrow, Nov 8, 12 8:35 AM.
Due to the clash of ego's and me being away for a few days, some members decided to try and have fun in the game elsewhere and I will change the way of leading the guild. From now on Guild checkups will happen more often and the officers will be less soft.

1. Everybody (mains and alts) are expected to do something for the guild. Do nothing for a week and get kicked. Show contribution and/or fund growth and you're save. If you're offline for a week or longer, tell an officer, mail Liefke ingame preferably. This means that next Monday some members will fly out if they still show no activity.

2. All members are expected to have a healthy curiosity to find out what they can do for the guild or being able to ask other guildmembers what they can do. Experienced or not, help each other out. There is a forum here to answer questions and enough throughout the web. If you were kicked and tell me you didn't know, then you missed the guild announcements and did not take the trouble to read the frontpage of the website. Best way to learn is by doing something.

3. We need to recruit more members. Pick guildless players up from instances. We are open for discussion on mergers. Poke any online officer to invite friends. Point them out to guild affairs and where the guildbase is.

New officer: TeenyBeany
2 more spots open

We all want Alchemy/Botany/Cooking level up, but we need to level up the base for that first. Most important thing we need us for Zeal to go to 3 000. This means we really need to pull on Guild Affairs, Guild base quests and Guild events. We drop 10% every reset, so there is enough work to be done.

We still need Void Alloy and Guild Base Cores for cost reductive buildings. 

QuickList on what's available in Guild Base
- Lionheart Scrolls at Perk Agent
- Soul Coins at Cashier
- Campfire lv1 (every day at 23:30)
- EXO (come with time suggestions)
- Cheaper potions and lv5 alchemy and cooking at Guild Supplies Agent
You can enter the guildbase via any teleporter!

Guild Memo's
If you press [G] for guild tab and go to the History tab, you can read the latest memo's about the guild. Besides what we finished building and when someone got appointed to an officer, you can read in green what we are currently doing for the guild.
Recruiting any level and any class. Alts Welcome. Get in touch ingame. Contribution requirements: 3 gold reserve a week (6 guild affairs a week or 2 trade runs a week)
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